Kupjack Miniature Rooms Book Project

UPDATE: Our goal was not met through Kickstarter.com. But we are auctioning an original Kupjack Miniature Room through CharityBuzz. A true piece of artwork! Yours to own and admire for a great cause.

Over the last 30 years we have received many inquiries as to when we would create a book on our miniature artworks. In discussions with several book publishers such as Abrams and Rizzoli over time, they always came to the conclusion that our art works were so realistic that the general public would not realize that they were actually miniature but full-sized period rooms. The result of which is that these major publishers did not know how to present the artworks in such a book nor how to market it so they were reluctant to go forward with publishing a book of Kupjack miniature rooms.

All of us who make, collect and enjoy miniatures of all kinds do not have this problem and there exists a pent-up desire for a book of our works that we have created at Kupjack Studios over the last half-century. Yes there have been photographs in publications and exhibition catalogues over the years but not a comprehensive volume showing the extent of the production of the studio by Eugene and Henry Kupjack.

The Book...

As a consequence, we have decided to create a book of various examples of our miniature room art work which will also be exhibited in the near future. We have selected 72 miniature rooms out of approximately 400 that we have created, many from our extensive collection, some from the Museum collections and few from private collectors created over the last 60 years by both me and my father Eugene. Many of these works have been widely exhibited and some have never been seen by the public before.

This book is a major undertaking for the studio and involves new large format photography requiring some works to be shipped to the studio and extensive historical materials and processing, pre-press production, layout and texts as well as the additional archival research for the accompanying explanatory text. The first volume will consist of several color photographic views of each miniature room with text about the period depicted. The rooms selected will span history with Greek and Roman examples through time from the ancient to the present with French, English, American, German and Near East examples presented in a chronological order with historically appropriate explanatory text. The book will also include biographical information on Eugene and Henry Kupjack and discussion of miniature as an art form in historical context, all with photography by Jay Kupjack and others.  

The Project Scope...

We currently contemplate that this book will be approximately 200 pages with over 220 color photographs, biographical data and photographs in a large 9 inch by 12 inch horizontal “coffee table” book format in soft and hard cover to be completed on or about January 2014.

Due to the tremendous costs of such a project to produce this book we have decided to enlist our many miniature fans to assist in the endeavor on kickstarter.com which has shown to be so successful in funding all types of artistic projects. We are complete novices in this regard so we hope that those who are interested in assisting us in this funding will let others know so that this project will reach its funding goal of $100,000.00. This cost only covers the approximately $50,000.00 to print the book in reasonable quantity and to provide $10,000.00 for the shipping of the premiums of our Kickstarter.com funders. It is the policy of Kickstarter.com that no funding is forthcoming unless we meet our goal.

The Goal ... [ ARCHIVE ONLY]

[[ Note: These offers are not currently valid and remain for archive purposes. ]] Pursuant to this goal, we are offering several levels of premiums to our prospective Kickstarter.com funders which are as follows:

$10 :: You will receive a download link to ten high resolution photos of some of our favorite rooms to be featured in the book.

$25 :: You will receive the download link AND a 13" by 19" print of your choice - the Louis XVI Dining Room OR the Montmorenci Stair Hall miniature room with clothespins.

$40 :: You will receive the download link and BOTH 13" by 19" prints.

$50 :: You will receive a soft cover copy of the book.

$75 :: You will receive a hard cover copy of the book.

$100 :: You will receive an autographed hard cover copy of the book.

$200 :: Bronze Level Backer. You will receive an autographed hard cover copy of the book, a soft cover copy and both prints.

$500 :: Silver Level Backer. You will receive a limited edition miniature French Empire bronze 23k gold plated candelabra created by Kupjack studios specifically for this campaign. This piece is a copy of the candelabra in the miniature room of Henry Kupjack's loft featured in the book. You will also be listed as silver backer in the book & you will receive two autographed copies of the book. You will also be acknowledged on this website.

$1,000 :: Gold Level Backer. Everything in the Silver Level above including the candelabra plus a tour of my studio for you and four guests when you are in the vicinity of Chicago.

$5,000 :: Platinum Level Backer. Everything in the Gold Level above only instead of two autographed hard cover copies you will get NINE and you will get substantial acknowledgement in the book. Two sets of candelabras and as well as the tour of my studio you will also get a personalized tour of the Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago led by the exhibit's curator.

Stay In Touch, Support the Book

We set up Kupjack.com and a facebook presence to update our fans and funders as the progress of the book as well as our planned upcoming exhibitions, the museum collections of our work and links to various museum collections. It is our hope that the project will go forward and our many fans may enjoy our work and in book form as well as viewing our artwork at various museums and exhibitions in the future. If successful, the book will later be available for sale on the internet and at exhibitions and we all will be able to show the art world publishers how popular, viable and mature this art form has become.

Thank you in advance for your interest in miniature, our work and consideration of this project.

~Henry and Jay Kupjack